Who are we?

Elected Representatives:

Tendring District Council:

Executive Committee:

The local party is run by an Executive Committee, elected at the Annual General Meeting every November. There are several officers with specific duties, also elected at the AGM. Membership for 2018 is as follows (to contact a member please send an e-mail):




President Rosemary Smith usually an honour and not a position with a regular role, but can be called on to sort out serious divisions or difficulties
Chair Rain Welham-Cobb supervises Executive meetings and generally makes sure things are working
Vice-Chair Simon Banks deputises if necessary for the Chair
Secretary Mary Pitkin keeps and distributes minutes of meetings and other records; prepares agendas with the Chair; informs members of general meetings and the like
Treasurer Barrie Coker keeps the accounts in order, makes and receives payments and monitors the financial situation
Membership Development Officer Keith Pitkin keeps membership records, passes on details of membership and organises events
Ordinary Members Helen Fontaine, Janet Russell & Robert Taylor attend exec meetings, offer advice and suggestions, carry out tasks as needed
Councillor Representative Cllr. Gary Scott representative of the local party's councillors
Data Officer Mary Pitkin manage the party's data systems
Branch Representatives Maureen Legall (Brightlingsea) & Rosemary Smith (Manningtree & Mistley) appointed by the branches