Nick Clegg praises Colchester Lib Dems

May 27, 2014 3:43 PM

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has phoned Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell to congratulate Liberal Democrats in the town for once again emerging as the leading political party locally.

Last Thursday Liberal Democrats came first in the town in terms of the Councillors elected - eight out of 13 - and with the most number of votes.

Sir Bob said: "The Colchester result was one of the best achieved by the Liberal Democrats in the whole country, so it was nice to receive a phone call from Nick Clegg to acknowledge all the hard work which our councillors, candidates and party workers had put in.

"Liberal Democrats have held number one spot in Colchester for 25 years - and Labour, the third party in the town's politics throughout this time, remain firmly rooted way behind the Conservatives who are second."

Over the past four years the Liberal Democrats have held 25 out of the 26 Borough Council seats they have defended, losing just one.